On the Road to Tuapeka


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Heka and Reka (both weka) catch a double-decker to Tuapeka! The two weka friends catch Possum Pete's double-decker bus on the road to Tuapeka ...and along the way they pick up Hedgy Hog, Dodgy Dog and Whistling Frog. But when a strange little man in a caravan invites them to share his barbecue - they soon realise they are to BE the barbecue, and skedaddle ...all the way to Tuapeka.

Ben Brown writes children's books, non-fiction and short stories for children and adults. Since 1992, he has been a publisher and writer, collaborating with his wife, illustrator Helen Taylor, on numerous publications. Ben Brown was awarded the Maori Writer's Residency at the Michael King Writers' Centre for 2011. Scott Tulloch is the author/illustrator of the recent Scholastic title Tom and the Dragon, as well as the Willy books (Willy's Dad, Willy's Mum, Willy's Grandpa) and the lovely Echo and Hush and The Naughtiest Puppy.


24 pages

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