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Quality Gifts for Kids... inspire creative & imaginative play

Smarty Pants toys aim to inspire creative and imaginative play among children. They allow children and adults to engage in meaningful play, developing cognitive, social and physical skills. Based on strong pedagogy theories, Smarty Pants resources are aimed at invoking the child's senses and encouraging a love of learning.

Smarty Pants Ltd has developed a unique 5 Point Learning Star which summarise its marketing focus – that is, its products aim to enhance the cognitive, physical, and social development and environmental awareness of children, as well as helping to build strong family relationships.

Creative educational play is a great way to bring families together whilst supporting academic growth and development.

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  1. To provide ongoing development of creative, educational learning resources for children aged 0-10 years and their parents.
  2. To help create fond childhood memories and strengthen family relationships by providing resources which foster child/parent time spent together.
  3. To support academic growth and improve the learning experience of children aged 0-10 years by offering a hands-on approach to learning.

Specialising in creative educational play, Smarty Pants has assembled a fun and innovative collection of educational toys and games suitable for the whole family.

  • Build relationships and create memories;
  • Support academic growth and development by providing a hands on approach to problem solving;
  • Help develop a love for learning;
  • Build self confidence through a sense of achievement and capability; Encourage environmentally sustainable thinking; and... have FUN!